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Given I’ve achieved none of my resolutions this year, I’m on lock down throughout December. Make more breakfasts in bed on Sunday, sleep for 8 hours a night, finish a book, go on a road trip, figure out what the hell Snapchat is and how to add a friend (I welcome tips!). I am however pretty chuffed with my hashtagging ability. Regardless of whether that’s because they remind me of waffles, it’s still a 2016 win.

December has crept up way too quickly and I’m still catching up to the idea that I’m a Dad! If any of you follow @father_of_daughters on Instagram, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The poor lucky guy has two sets of twins, so I’m in no position to cry tired, even if I do find Blake magically covered in oil. Note to self and all…. getting oil off a baby, a floor, a wall and a rug is an impossible task. I contemplated moving.

A glance into my reaction…

It cannot be December already?!I’m on my way back to the airport shortly for a quick Sydney and Melbourne trip. I am way too excited for the reclining chair already. Maybe I can actually finish my book this time? Ah who am I kidding, no one finishes new year’s resolutions in December. I got plenty of time!

Until next time!
Benjamin Yong

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