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Post-Holiday Blues

Post-Holiday Blues


Still dreaming of those Greek Island beaches? You and me both. Still dreading unpacking and putting the washing on? You and mean both. Staring at your computer screen with no desire to adult quite yet? For those who can’t enjoy a sleep in like Liz & Blake Azalee, here’s what I think is required to slowly merge your way into work life after your break and make the pending 100+ unread emails seem a little less daunting…

Bring treats
Whoever said they don’t enjoy lamingtons from Sydney, canelés from Bordeaux or shortbread from Edinburgh is just simply, lying. When you travel, your colleagues expect treats in return for picking up your work load.

Write a to-do list
Prioritize your tasks in your calendar. Block out various hours in your day for certain things. An hour for emails. An hour for lunch. An hour for catching up etc. This will help structure your day, making it not feel as long and impossible.

Post-Holiday Blues - how to get back into office life. To-Do Lists

Sort out your inbox
Start by sifting through them all. Delete, flag, mark as unread, whatever you need to do to make the load less overwhelming. Then tackle the remaining important messages one by one based on the time allocated in your calendar.

One on one
Sit down over a coffee with your boss or colleague and catch up. Sure, chat about the tan you got and how jetlagged you are then move on. Review what’s been going on with the projects and developments to see what you’re walking in to. From there you can assess where everything’s at.

Key word: Projects
Noting gets us through our days like a little motivation. Get Pinteresting on your next project. Host a dinner party, plan a trip, learn a new hobby. 10 minutes a day to fantasise about what’s next is normal right?

Post-Holiday Blues - how to get back into office life. Projects!

Good luck!
Benjamin Yong

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