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Stop. Smell. Taste. Enjoy

Stop. Smell. Taste. Enjoy


Without fail, Melbourne coffee is the best in the world. No matter what you hear from people around Australia, ignore them. They all know this statement is true. There’s a reason the city is full of coffee snobs, but given the quality, I’m OK with that. The beards and wide-brimmed hats I could personally do without, but that’s another story. Back to coffee…

Given this well known fact, I’ve decided to bring the standard to The Big Group and partner with Brother Basil & Co coffee roasters. It’s simple really, their beans tastes like the coffee that I grew up with in Australia. The team are now supplying their Australian roasted beans to all of our cafes and restaurants.

Named after Uncle Basil (the original coffee fanatic in the family), this Melbourne based team of coffee connoisseurs have entered Malaysia and stepped right into The Big Group.

Last week, I spent a day with CEO and Founder, Damien. I tasted beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Honduras and to my surprise, successfully pointed out the sweet vanilla and maple syrup berry flavours (Melbourne coffee snob … right here). Brother Basil & Co is producing great coffee, there’s no doubt about it. But I’m also really excited to be working with a guy that values the little and simpler things in life. The team focuses less on packaging and more on quality. The family owned and operated company is more like a brotherhood which we can now all be part of.

The Big Group values align really well with Brother Basil & Co and I can honestly say they coffee speaks for itself. Head to any of our restaurants or stores to try some today.

Benjamin Yong

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