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It’s The Little Things at BIG

It’s The Little Things at BIG


With all that’s going on in the US this month, this Thanksgiving is going to be a memorable one. While here in Malaysia, we don’t celebrate America’s favourite holiday, let’s be honest, we do love to jump on the bandwagon of most celebrations and times of reflections.

Thanksgiving was always a strange one to me as I never understood the pumpkin/ sweet potato dessert. It didn’t take long though to remember that we all leave US customs a little fatter for a reason. They had to be on to something, right? This lead me to make my first pumpkin pie. Note to self… most decisions made by American’s are good ones and the pumpkin thing is absolute no exception. Another note to self… two portions is always OK.

We have imported turkeys straight from the US. Whether you want to do it yourself, pick up one already deliciously roasted or have it delivered, we have got your thanksgiving dinner table sorted. Head into your local Ben’s Independent Grocer store for all your pumpkin, sweet potato, turkey, stuffing and cranberry needs. I’ve also put together a bunch of recipes for you to use up those leftovers too. Head in store to grab our free recipes cards to cook up a turkey rendang or sweet potato dauphinoise.

This year, I’m thankful for the little things in my life. I’m grateful for a home cooked dinner and the smell of freshly baked bread. I’m grateful for the entire Big Group family, from the wait staff at Beast to our Marketing team in Publika and everyone inbetween (even if they do make me do the mannequin challenge!). Last but certainly not least, I’m grateful for my family who through the little and big things, never stop making me happy.

Celebrate the small things with BIG dreams!
Happy Thanksgiving y’all…
Benjamin Yong

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