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Building Your Own

Building Your Own

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My past eighteen year old self would have been confused by this idea would be an understatement to say the least. While yes it’s true, fried chicken does hold a special place in my heart, I too crave vegetables.

I know Malaysia, I hate to break your heart on this one but cucumber with your nasi lemak or bean sprouts in your assam laksa don’t suffice as your daily dose of goodness. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Our Ben’s General Food Store restaurants have turned up the fresh and now offer bowls of health in the form of… Go-To Classics, Made To Orders and Build Your Own salad creations.

I wanted to create a selection of salads that could be designed by you. Mix and match your way through the menu so that you could enjoy only your favourite things. I assume it’s not just me that is always picking out the onion in greek salads?

Nourish the mind and soul through food, isn’t that what they say? Who is ‘they’ anyway? It’s all good… let’s just say that’s what I say. Give your body balanced goodness and nutrients, even if it is so that you can splurge throughout the holiday season!

Personally, I’m going through a grain phase so am loving the Tabbouleh of Bulgur Wheat Salad thats loaded with chickpeas, tomato, parlsey and mint, but it’s the Mexican Fiesta and Thai Roast Beef and Mango Salad that are currently topping our charts. All under 30RM and all made from scratch by our Chefs. And yes, don’t worry trend followers (myself included) quinoa and kale is in the plentiful! You can also pick up a juice for only 8RM with any Build Your Own Salad.

Ben’s General Food Store is now at Glo, Batai, Publika or Gardens Mall. Check out all the salads here.

Benjamin Yong

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