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Hosting The Perfect BBQ

Hosting The Perfect BBQ


Perhaps it’s my old age or the fact that children have now started appearing at friends gatherings (my kid included!), but I’m all about the Sunday afternoon BBQ with a beer and a homemade burger.

No need to feel overwhelmed. It’s just like a kitchen service in Beast: get everything prepped in advance, know your menu and to-do list through and through and have good quality meat and veg to grill. OK OK, so there’s a little more to it than that. Don’t worry, I’ve put together a check list to make Texan BBQer out of you yet…

BBQing Checklist 101…
Plan the menu and make a shopping list of everything you need
Designate the salad and dessert to some friends to lighten your load
Are you prepared for a downpour?
Prep the BBQ and marinades for the meat and veg the day before
Go with paper plates, forks and knives
Set up speakers for some music
Have a think about what serving spoons and tongs you need and keep aside
Have a food station for the sauces and seasonings
Speaking of, transfer the sauces into little bowls or jars
Go easy on yourself and don’t over complicate the menu
Scatter plenty of seats
Have a pool? Remind people to bring bathers & towels
Write the menu on a chalk board
Don’t forget about dessert!

Lastly, don’t forget to buy…
Ice and lots of it
Salt & pepper
Tomato sauce and mustard
Bottle opener
Bottles of water
Aluminium foil and cling film
Mosquito repellent
Bin liners

Still not sure what to do? Check out my Summer BBQ Hacks post.

Our butchers and Ben’s Independent Grocer are here to help. Pop in for any menu advice or for all your party needs. Better yet… still find the whole DIY concept daunting? Our Benquet menu is relaunching soon, so just get our team to come in and sort you out.

Cheers & have fun!
Benjamin Yong

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