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Light it Up

Light it Up


Our kaleidoscope of celebrations is here once again! Deepavali is easily one of my favourite festivals as it brings with it a mystical atmosphere of metaphorical and physical light. As you can see from this photo though, it’s less ghee lamps in our family and more dressing up Blake Azalee.

Like all festivals we celebrate in Malaysia, food is at the essence and Deepavali is no exception. This time though, it’s all about the sweets and in my opinion, the only time of the year you can carelessly use condensed milk with little to no guilt what so ever as I choose not to believe I was the only one that would eat in with a spoon straight from the can when I was a kid. Am I right?

Given my work life balance is still something of a work in progress, these cultural celebrations make it easy for me to stop and appreciate my surroundings and dedicate time for family and friends. So here’s my challenge to you… This Deepavali, get around those gulab jamun, jaleebi or kheer treats of full fat deliciousness by making them yourself. Make a day of it by inviting friends and family over or involving your kids. You’ll have such a deeper appreciation for your food if you make it from scratch. To make life a little easier, here are my tips to Indian treats: give yourself time and don’t rush, ignore the sugar content, never over pulse and even if the consistency is bad, it’ll always still taste good.

Should you not be the DIY kind however, our BIG stores have got you covered with our colourful Deepavali hampers including 15% off all Mozzcato hampers until Saturday. Come into Publika, Glomac or Batai to check it out.

Happy Deepavali guys. Stay safe, eat well, be well and remember one kaju katli is never enough.

Benjamin Yong

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