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Perth’s 20 Best

Perth’s 20 Best


What used to be nicknamed as WA wait-a-while, Perth has shifted to a city full of mining wealth and food snobbery. Aching to be as cool as it’s East Coast counterpart, it does all it can to step up the food and wine scene, and we’re all better for it. Soaking us in non stop sunshine, it’s a wonder why this city isn’t visited more and yes, while the wallet situation of this insanely expensive city is hard for our ringgit to bear, it’s worth a holiday for these restaurants alone. While there is a South East Asian trend going on and what they call Xiao Long Bao would make a Din Tai Fung Chef cringe, ultimately the food is very very good. But to me, it’s the European influence that provides us all with a multicultural scene evident in the quality of diversity on plates around the city.

So here you have it… my version of Perth’s Best Restaurants in no particular order:

  1. Long Chim, Perth City
  2. Restaurant Amuse, East Perth
  3. The Standard, Northbridge
  4. Petition, Perth City
  5. Dutch Trading Co, Victoria Park
  6. Strange Company, Fremantle
  7. Print Hall, Perth City
  8. Fuyu, Nedlands
  9. Francoforte, Northbridge
  10. Lalla Rookh, Perth City
  11. El Publico, Mt Lawley
  12. Apple Daily, Perth City
  13. Three Coins, Mt Lawley
  14. Manuka Wood Fired Kitchen, Fremantle
  15. No Mafia, Northbridge
  16. Chi Cho gelato, Perth City
  17. Arthouse Dine, Northbridge
  18. Lucky Chan, Northbridge
  19. Miss Kittys Saloon, Inglewood
  20. Hylin Café, West Leederville

Let me know what you think or if I’ve missed any standouts!
Benjamin Yong

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