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Hantu Halloweeeen

Hantu Halloweeeen


What started out with a Texan yelling at me with pure shock, expressing how much I needed to try Candy Corn as it was apparently “the best thing about Halloween”, has now resulted in a pure addiction to orange sugar in the form of American Halloween candy. Why I listened to her in the first place is beyond me. She cut the waxy bit off camembert cheese and celery made her shudder. Clearly these were signs of negative foodie credibility. She was however right about Candy Corn!

In my mind, Halloween is made up of four things:
1) eating Candy Corn (obviously) then feeling ill and guilty because you ate the whole bag
2) adding canned pumpkin to everything and anything
3) playing Monster Mash until it burns our ears
4) knocking on strangers door and ask for lollies

I’m not going to lie, number 3 I could definitely go without. In fact, just writing Monster Mash (now twice) is where I reach my limit.

But anyway, back on point because what would my merry Halloween post be without a little taste of what’s planned at our BIG stores this month. I’m feeling orange tongues, orange finger tips, sugared up children and watching my wife dress up Blake Azalee as a witch again.

Get down to Publika, Glomac and Batai BIG stores for our Halloween fair. Going all month and stocking everything and anything you’ll need to get in the spirit. If you’ve got kids, bring them to our Kids’ Crafts on the 23rd and 30th of October at Publika and Glomac. We’ve got a Halloween Market at Batai on Sunday October 30 from 11am serving dishes and treats from all over the world. And last but not least come Trick O’Treat at Publika on Sunday October 30 from 12pm-1pm and 6pm-7pm.

We’re also running an Instagram competition from this Saturday until the end of the month. All you need to do is dress up in your Halloween finest and tag @bensindependentgrocer. The 3 best dressed winners will receive a mystery grocery box worth RM100 each. Good luck!

Click here for more info or come and check it out in store.
Benjamin Yong

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