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Travel Like A Pro

Travel Like A Pro


Perhaps it’s my impatient self or perhaps it’s the guy who has to be told to remove his keys from his pockets when going through security… but either way, I struggle through airports. Given my luggage permanently sits in my hallway waiting to be used, you can only imagine how much this irritates me. If you are one of those people that stand stills on travelators, I’m looking at you. Please read, consider and implement people! Let’s all make life a little easier on each other and start being good at airports.

Going from start to finish, here are my airport hacks for how not to be the annoying guy that everyone is rolling their eyes at:

  • Check in, early. Not only will this ensure you get the seat you want, it will do us all a favour and reduce the check in line.
  • Be prepared for security. It’s 2016, meaning we all know it’s coming and we should all know the 100ml rule, the jacket rule, the laptop rule and basically every other rule.
  • For KL folk, you’ll be all too familiar with the finger print scan *and cue shudder*. Hand sanitiser guys. It’s a thing.
  • Remember the little things. Pack an empty water bottle, bring a phone charger and your own headphones.
  • While you’re still with internet, in your Google Maps app, zoom in the streets of your destination and save your hotel. This will save in your phone, so later when you’re without, it won’t matter.
  • Fly over night. Become an efficient traveler and sleep while you’re flying. This way, you’ll wake up in your city with an extra bonus day. Just make sure you ask for an early check in with your hotel!
  • Roll don’t stack. This’ll maximise the space in your suitcase (however don’t tell the wife this, otherwise she’ll be sure to find a use for that extra room… fact).

I thank you in advance!
Benjamin Yong

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