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Apartment Hacks (by Liz)

Apartment Hacks (by Liz)


I feel it’s not fair that Ben has all the fun on this blog, so while he’s at work I’m taking over. Wondering what I should write about while I scroll through dream kitchens on Pinterest, it got me thinking. Firstly, how I feel my life calling to be an Interior Designer has slipped through my fingers and secondly, how much fun redecorating is. Just call me Liz, first time living room blogger & pinboard extraordinaire.

Warning to all husbands or boyfriends: Forget the lawnmower – after reading my post, keeping that one annoying plant alive will become the bane of your existence. Your apartment will end up colour coded, label making will become a weekly occurrence, binder clips will cover your fridge door and an Ikea hack website will be imbedded in your google history forever. Here’s my tips towards your dream apartment…

Go neutral
Softer colours will naturally create a more open space. Start with greys, ivory, stone and tan as your base then pop it with green from a plant, bronze from a metallic light or peach from a cushion or throw (this way you can also justify redecorating every few months… just sayin’).

Get girly
For those who know me, know there’s one rule to the exception when it comes to my (chaotic) style of organisation and that my friends is my ribbon drawer. Housed in my gift room, this is one of my favourite interior decisions. Why banish your wrapping paper, cards or gifts collected from around the world waiting to be given away in an old cupboard where you forget about them? Celebrate it!

Statement art
Have a picture you love? Print it big and on canvas. Black & white family photos, a trio of drawings or shots from your travel adventures work well on large scale near your dining table.

Rug up
Mix patterns, texture and colours to bring warmth to your apartment. This will also help divide your living areas, giving the illusion of space.

Save up your jars
Baking just got a whole lot more stylish when your self-raising flour comes out of a mason jar and not a crunched up paper bag. Plus, you’ll know when you’re running low on something, and it’ll help keep bugs away! Win.

Stack it up
Create little story pieces using coffee table books or cook books as a mini table for a light or candle in the corner of your bathroom or beside a chair in your living room.

Real life Pinterest
Hang a blackboard or pin up board to the inside of a kitchen cabinet. Benefits include: not losing your favourite food delivery menu pamphlet and knowing when that kid’s birthday party starts on the weekend.

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