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Children’s Party Hacks (for adult’s)

Children’s Party Hacks (for adult’s)


“Can we bring our kids?”. This is a question I recently discovered that most parents dread. And understandably so, if you too have a panic attack over the state of the house when everyone leaves or the pending sugar high that will break numerous items on your kitchen bench. But fear not friends! Fun does not need to be restricted to just the kids. I too am impartial to a goodie bag or a fun drink with a straw in it. Gin and Disney? The answer is always, yes.

Stick to a theme
Adults can harness their inner child when decorating a Christmas tree, carving out a Halloween pumpkin or hanging paper lanterns for Diwali.

Have an adults drinks table
Mocktail or cocktail… sometimes (mainly always) I just don’t want a juice box. Head to Pinterest an explore the inner Martha Stewart in you.

Kids table
This is an absolute must for one reason: gin and screaming do not go together.

Bring home Broadway
Get the kids to work on a performance in another room full (crucial) with costumes, characters and (potentially) a story line. After they go wild, they can perform for you and you can giggle with glee.

Make eating an activity
I’m feeling a make your own pizza, burger or taco station or for dessert, chocolate covered strawberries or cupcake decorating. This way, those people who pick out the onion in your perfect burger don’t need to irritate you!

Head outside
Garden games are fun for everyone, fact. Whoever doesn’t like lawn bowls or life size Jenga isn’t worth having over in the first place.

Goodie bags for everyone
Am I the only one who would happily accept a bag of rum fudge and peanut butter brownies? It’s doubtful.

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