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10 ways not to be Don Draper

10 ways not to be Don Draper


I hate to break it to you friends but my life doesn’t consist of rounds of golf and lunch time shenanigans on a Tuesday. Unfortunately for me (and my wife), the Don Draper fantasy of success is a façade and I’m calling his bluff…

Perhaps today is the rare occasion I feel a sense of philosophical wonder coming on… or perhaps it’s just an ordinary Tuesday where I randomly thought about Man Men and how insane the show is. You decide. But either way, for those searching for the yellow brick road of success, I hope these ramblings will help you out a little more than Don’s morally questionable decision making!

My list towards entrepreneurship… or something like that:

1. Constantly evolve and continue the quest of finding something new
2. Stop searching for perfection
3. Feed off the energy of those closest to you
4. Surround yourself with equally adventurous or inquisitive people
5. Encourage change, don’t be satisfied with the status quo
6. Stay true to your cause
7. Accept that there’s always room to grow
8. Be original, don’t be different for the sake of difference
9. Step outside your routine and think, reflect with a different perspective
10. Lastly (while I am still working on this one!) … learn to say no

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