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Brazilian Beats

Brazilian Beats

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When I think of Brazil, I think of four things:

1. Meat on a stick
2. Beach volleyball at Copacabana
3. The Copacanana song
4. Adriana Lima Ronaldo

Given the Olympics are now on in Rio, my thoughts have shifted from the – ahem 1 medal Malaysian won– to where most things in my mind shift to… food!

The 411

Brazilian meat is among the countries highest exports for a reason. Season generously with sea salt, grill over charcoal and pair with a bucket of bohemian beers or pitcher of caipirinhas, some rice and black beans and you’ve got yourself a date.

Stemming from their European and African influences, Brazilian food is a reflection of its native and immigrant population and the sheer enormity of land. Think legumes and beans, empanadas, sausage, root vegetables, meat and seafood in any form or shape, and for our super healthy friends – it’s also where Açaí originates from (and for our not so healthy friends, Cachaça!).

Want to learn more? Head to Bakar for all things charred, flamed, grilled, skewered and a little Burn Baby Burn.

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