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Back Home at Ben’s

Back Home at Ben’s

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A little taste of our new menu!

When people ask me about Bens, I immediately feel a little bit cosy inside. It’s like that feeling of coming home after a work, having a home cooked meal with your family and hearing about each other’s day. It’s like no matter what you eat around the world, nothing is as good as your mum’s version and you only hope you can pass on the same feeling to your own kids one day. It’s food for the soul, it’s honest and it’s made with nothing but love.

That’s Ben’s. Made with love… And other things.

I truly believe in the statement “you don’t need a silver food to eat good food”. Some of the best food here in Malaysia is whipped up over a wok on a street side stall with plastic chairs and no electricity. While we aren’t turning into your local mamak, we are going back to our roots. And when I think of roots, I think of family, eating and love. Food is the absolute essence of my existence and what brings me pure joy. The new Ben’s menu is the fruition of my childhood memories and fined tuned familiarity.

So what can you expect?

I’ll start by taking you back to my childhood where shrimp paste wasn’t spared and herbs were picked fresh. There’s a battle of the broths in my house and I’m sure many others around Malaysia. Dad was in charge of the Chicken & Prawn Curry Laska and mum, the Assam Crab Laska. With the desire not to end up in the middle of a laksa war, I’ve included both! One deep in hot decadence and the other charred with freshness and punch. Both with all the trimmings plus a little extra Yong family touch because as well all know, a family that eats together, stays together!

How can we not love a cuisine where chocolate butter and salted bread are a standard breakfast snack? Our new Steak Frites takes you the streets of France, sitting on the uneven concrete watching the (irritatingly) beautifully Parisians walk past. We have paired a 250g Grass Fed Black Angus Striploin with a deep and rich black peppery Beef Jus and Golden Crunchy Fries. What could be better?

Golden Soft Shell Crab Spaghetini or as I like to say, our bowl of textures from the East & West Gods. This has been a best seller over the years so we couldn’t take it away from you now could we? Think a kick of chilli flakes, intensity from fried curry leaves and all oozing together with a creamy yet crunchy sauce of pasta perfection.

I am also really excited to announce our new Lemon-Aid initiative. For every lemonade purchased at Ben’s, RM2 will be donated to a pre-selected charity. To start us off, we have partnered with Deborah Henry and her charity, Fugee School. A truly inspiring organisation igniting the passion for learning among every child.

While this is just a little sneak peek of our new menu, it should have definitely got your tastes buds bubbling! I sincerely hope you enjoy our new menu, made with love, and other things and hope you’ll head to one of our Ben’s restaurants to discover more!


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